My Podcast

So this is the growing podcast list it seems.

At first I had the menu bar connect straight to my main podcast page, but now that the episode count is growing, I figure organizing the clips on a page like this makes for easier navigation.

These clips are NOT dictations of my articles; they are literally their own “posts” in and of themselves. I hope you find them to be a treasure trove of additional value.

And even if you’re generally a written-word person and don’t consider yourself into audio content, try clicking around on a few anyway. You might even end up preferring these to my articles. You never know.

podcast clips


Dec 14          Stop delaying and just go for it
Dec 14          “I’ll see you around!”
Dec 13          How to have the ideal conversation
Dec 8            Why my dating advice is the best in the world
Dec 8            99.999% of the dating advice out there
Dec 3            If you haven’t yet found your confidence
Dec 3           
How to be your most attractive

Nov 25         The bootleg podcast
Nov 23         Don’t be afraid to document your journey
Nov 23         The girl on the bus
Nov 22         Why you like my blog but your friend doesn’t
Nov 20         The time to hesitate has ceased
Nov 20         The macro effect of good intent
Nov 15          How to become a go-getter
Nov 12          How to grow your self-esteem
Nov 12          Stop using your intellect as an excuse
Nov 9            The best part about the language barrier
Nov 9            Why entitlement is holding you back
Nov 6            A male’s choice to be monogamous
Nov 6            A really important point about emotional connection
Nov 5            Passing the baton
Nov 4            An important Litmus test
Nov 1             How to care less about others’ opinions

Oct 27          How I knew medicine wasn’t for me
Oct 26          The only thing that wins is truth
Oct 26          Self-awareness + understanding your core
Oct 25          How I grew my blog
Oct 25          Everyone absorbs content differently
Oct 25          When approaching girls interferes with study
Oct 23          How to not change your behavior for girls
Oct 23          How to open a girl on the street
Oct 23          I force absolutely zero
Oct 22          STACKING your dates
Oct 22          Authenticity goes a long way
Oct 20         Girls are often just “in a state”
Oct 19          Korea is a total mind fuck
Oct 18          Eliminate negative people from your life
Oct 18          Your surroundings are fucking everything
Oct 17          Stop making bullshit excuses
Oct 17          Setbacks are your catapult forward
Oct 15          How to make money living abroad
Oct 11           There’s no such thing as serendipitous encounters
Oct 8            The time required to “become confident” approaching
Oct 3            How to make the leap to move abroad
Oct 1             Males with the highest confidence prefer day game

Sept 30      A really important point about confidence
Sept 29      How to always have a 100% success rate
Sept 26      Rejection IS the win
Sept 25      Solo-approaching duos, trios, etc.
Sept 17       Don’t be afraid of the C-word
Sept 15       Living a life true to yourself
Sept 15       Once she’s at your place
Sept 14       Never be fucking surprised
Sept 14       Taking a girl home on the first date
Sept 9         Tremendous gratitude